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Using the Right Tools and Supplies to Get Your Project Done

Moving is one thing. Getting your items from point A to B is another. When you are worrying about where to put your items, you also need to worry about how to put away your items. The best way to do this is to be prepared with all the supplies you need. Various items can assist you. Getting your move on does not need to be difficult. Find out how much your move will cost today.

Available Supplies to Rent Alongside Your Mobile Storage Unit

First, consider what you are moving. Do you have a lot of dishes? Dish box storage is perfect for keeping your valuable, fragile items safe from breakage. Larger items like quilts and comforters can sit perfectly in large carton boxes, while heavy items like books and magazines can fit within a small carton box for easy moving.

Packing paper and tape can wrap all these different types of boxes up and safely. Dollies and hand carts help move them along inside your mobile storage box. With the right tools and supplies, storing your personal affects becomes a piece of cake.

Available Supplies - Small Carton
Commonly used for books, Files, Papers, Magazines, Vinyl Albums, Record, DVD's, CD's, VCR Tapes, Cassettes, Canned Goods, Food Stuffs, Small Appliances, Heavy Tools, Equipment and more. 12.5" D X 12.5"W x 16"L (1.5 CUBIC FEET)
Available Supplies - Medium Carton
Commonly used for pots, pans, Kitchen Items, Small Appliances, Office Equipment, Tools and more. 18"W x 18"L X 16"D (3.0 CUBIC FEET)
Available Supplies - Large Carton
Commonly used for Pots and Pans, Office Equipment, Tools, Pillows, Blankets, Quilts, Comforters and more. 18"W x 18"D X 24"L (4.5 CUBIC FEET)
Available Supplies - Dish Pack
Used almost exclusively for fragile glass items large and small, Place Settings, Serving Dishes, Platters, Stemware, Fragile Art Work, Sculptures, Small Framed Art, Fragile Collections, and many other uses. DOUBLE WALLED CONSTRUCTION 18”W X 18”L X 28”D (5.0 CUBIC FEET)
Available Supplies - Mirror / Picture Carton
Commonly used for framed glass covered art, Posters, Pictures, Metal Art, Mirrors and Glass Tops. 40” W X 60”L X 3”D (ADJUSTABLE SIZING)
Available Supplies - Clothing Wardrobe
Used for hanging clothing. Will accommodate approximately two linear feet of hanging clothing. These can also be used for large bulky items from the closet, the attic, the garage and the shed. 24”W X 20”D X 48”T
Available Supplies - Packing Paper
Used for padding, wrapping and cushioning when packing fragile items. Clean, Unprinted New - 24”W X 30”L 25LBS
Available Supplies - Shrink Stretch Wrap
This is a real necessity today; this one item is used for so many different applications. Used to protect overstuffed furniture and cloth covered items, used to strengthen loose wooden furniture, contain and hold items in place on shelving, protect wooden furniture with pads first and then stretch wrap for extra protection. Incredibly versatile and useful. 18” X 1500’ 1 MIL STRETCH
Available Supplies - Moving Blankets
When loading your furniture into the container, it is important to wrap it with our Moving Blankets. This will protect items from scratches.
Available Supplies - Extra Straps
After loading your items, you will tie the end of the load down to reduce shifting during delivery. Included with container rental is 4 twelve foot straps & 1 sixteen foot strap.
Available Supplies - Hand Truck
Great for moving heavy boxes and furniture. It’s like having an extra hand if you’re moving by yourself.
Available Supplies - Dolly
Great for moving heavy boxes and furniture.