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Residential Customers – DIY Mobile Box Has The Perfect Solution For You.

  • Use DIY Mobile Box to store seasonal items. Lawn furniture, pool equipment…
  • Re-finishing your floors? DIY Mobile Box is a great place to store your house hold items until the floors are done.
  • Store family’s furniture? Has there been an estate settlement in the family and you need to sort thru thehousehold content? Use DIY Mobile Box as storage, the family can sort thru it when they are ready.
  • Have you had a calamity? Flood, fire or roof damage? DIY Mobile Box will hold your items until the clean up is done.
  • Need time for your move? Move on your schedule. Take your time loading the container & unloading the container. Make your move work for you.
  • De-clutter to sell your house? Most realtors say to de-clutter to sell your home. Use DIY Mobile Box to temporarily move your keepsakes from your house and still keeping them safe. Then, when your house sells, have the container moved to your new house and unload there.
  • Home improvements? Use DIY Mobile Box to store your tools and building materials. Keep your garage clear for parking the car.

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