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DIY Mobile Box provides quality service that you can count on. To get started, we need some information about you. Fill in your address and some details regarding your storage, and you will see a quick estimate of your costs.

Do you have multiple locations that your storage container needs to be placed? You can check off "yes" on the move option. If you have a third or more addresses the portable box needs to go to, simply note that in the additional information. We will contact you with a more detailed quote.

Getting a Quote Shouldn't Be Hard

Complicated moves and storage solutions do not need to be difficult. Talk out the logistics with our team and we will figure out the best solution for you. The quote form below gives you a glimpse of what you could achieve with DIY Mobile Box. You get to do this on your time, at your convenience.

We can also setup a solution for your temporary storage needs at a fair, festival, or fundraiser. You can see us in use at popular and large events like the Big E. Make sure you include those details as well in your form submission.

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