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What sets us apart from others? All metal containers, on the ground portability, inside securing methods used by the moving industry, locally owned & operated with superior customer service and expert industry knowledge.

Can I hire someone else to load & unload the container for me?
Yes, we recommend www.BertHill.com & www.SitterlyMovers.com

What is the size of the DIY Mobile Box? It is approximately 8’ H x 8’ W x 16’ L

How much can I fit into a DIY Mobile Box? About 4 to 5 rooms. Example: 2 bedroom set, 1 dinning set and 1 living room set. Plus the boxed items from each of those rooms.

Do the containers lock? Yes, you provide your own lock. You will be the only one who has access to the container.

How do I secure items in the DIY Mobile Box? The DIY Mobile Box supplies specially designed moving straps to secure your belongings.

How long can I keep the DIY Mobile Box? You may keep it as long as you need. See pricing for monthly rental fees.

Do I have to be home when the DIY Mobile Box is delivered? Yes. This will assure you have it placed where you want it. You will also be required to sign the paperwork.

Do I really need to rent Moving Blankets? Yes, if you are moving furniture. They provide a safe cover between furniture items and will alleviate scratching.

Can I get boxes from DIY Mobile Box? Yes, we sell them and will deliver them to you when we deliver the container. See Supplies for pricing.

How much notice do I need to give you for a pick up or deliver of a DIY Mobile Box? One week is sufficient.

How do I pay? Credit Card only.


DIY Mobile Box Remains Committed to Using Industry Standards
to Provide the Most Safety Driven Experience for Our Customers.

  • When we arrive with your DIY Mobile Box we ask that the area you have chosen to place the container be ready, open and clear.
  • We cannot place containers on public ways or private drives named either directly or indirectly by cities or towns. We will place containers on private property owned by the person purchasing the use of the container.
  • We make every effort to place the container where you would like it. We will place it on hard surfaces such as concrete and asphalt. We will, at the discretion of the driver and the company, place the container on soft ground such as grass, gravel, or hard pack dirt. We do what we can to protect the surface from damage due to the weight of container full or empty.
  • When the DIY Mobile Box has been placed, we prohibit the movement of the container from its original position by anyone other than a DIY Mobile Box representative.
  • Do not allow children to load items or play in, around or on top of the container.
  • DIY Mobile Box containers are for the storage of personal effects only! It is not intended for any other use, including the storage of hazardous materials or habitation.
  • Distribute the weight of your load evenly throughout the container. DIY Mobile Box holds 5,000 pounds max. Consult the office if concerned with weight.