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DIY Mobile Box Provides Portable Moving and Storage Containers for Western and Central MA

When you are looking for a temporary storage location, or a portable storage container, for your items, there are a lot of different options out there. DIY Mobile Box provides a simple, straight forward solution to the large space of mobile storage units. Pick the size of mobile box you need, pick your delivery date, use them as you need to, and let us know when you are all set. The number we quote you is what you pay.

That is it! Talk directly with our representatives on the phone and get an answer fast. If you need flexibility, we can assist with that. Do you have a complicated move that those online calculators cannot really give you accurate pricing for? One phone call to DIY Mobile Box, and we will help you sort out the details. Reliable and punctual, you can trust DIY Mobile Box to help you make your transition as simple as possible while handling the details of the storage container itself.

What Can You Use a DIY Mobile Box Storage Container For?

There are a lot of different ways you can use a DIY MOBILE BOX. It is not just for moving. You may need a temporary spot to place things for a variety of situations.

  • Preparing a Home to Sell: Declutter your home by the famous 1/3 rule, or clean up lawn of miscellaneous items.
  • Storage: Downsize your home, or store outdoor equipment like lawn mowers, snow blowers, ATVs, pool equipment, and more.
  • Remodeling: Store and access furniture on your property until work is done and keep your items safe from construction and paint.
  • Moving at Your Own Pace: New house not ready to move into? Store your items and move in at your convenience.

There are plenty of other opportunities where a storage container helps you out. Fill a DIY MOBILE BOX, move it to different locations, and bring it back to the original location. Helping out in your community? Have our mobile storage unit hold onto items while helping renovate a home for someone in need. The possibilities are endless.

Let DIY Mobile Box work for you! Call us for a free, quick, and easy quote today at (888) 724-4269.

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