Simple, Easy & Flexible - DIY Mobile Box!

What Can You Use DIY Mobile Box For?

  • Prepare a Home to Sell: De-clutter; clean up lawn of miscellaneous items
  • Storage: Downsizing; pool equipment storage; lawn mower, snow blower, ATVs, etc.
  • Re-Modeling: Store furniture on your property unttil work is done
  • Move at Your Own Pace: New house not ready yet? Storage until it is


You load it - We move it!

Just load your belongings into the container. We'll move it to your new location when you’re ready, then call us to pick it up when it's empty.


Need Storage? You Decide Where!

Store your container at your location or at our warehouse or have us move it to your new location.

Easy & Secure

You Tell Us Where and When You Need it!

Sturdy, waterproof containers at ground level for easy access.